Working with an herbalist is a way to connect with your body, mind and spirit.

Herbal medicines offer nourishing preventative care as well as profound healing for acute and chronic conditions.
Working with the plants takes dedication on your part, you must me ready to not only change your dietary habits and dis-ease causing lifestyle  but also your frame of mind.

Sarah Wu offers herbal, nutritional and lifestyle consultations and individualized formulations utilizing plants from Costa Rica and from abroad. Her apothecary is stocked with a range of herbs that you can source directly from her. She provides teas and alcohol tinctures, as well as can customized essential oil blends, flower essences and other products just for you!



Sarah believes that healthcare should always be affordable!
She works with a sliding scale, meaning, you pay what you can afford within the suggested price range.


Please never give up on your wellbeing because of funds,
Sarah will work with you!


Initial consultation:
$35 – $65 (c21.000 – c35.000)

A detailed overview of your case, dietary and herbal formulations

*herbs and other products are not included, prices vary depending on the ingredients and can range anywhere from $12 – $55 (c6.500 – c30.000)


Follow Up Consultations: suggested every four weeks
$25 – $45 (c13.000 – c24.000)

A review of your case, progress evaluation and possible reformulation

*herbs and other products are not included, prices vary depending on the ingredients and can range anywhere from $12 – $55 (c6.500 – c30.000)


Appointments can be done over Skype or FaceTime or best in Person!

Sarah’s office and apothecary are located in San Mateo de Orotina at La Ecovilla,
in certain cases she will make home calls, but for this request she asks for the full honorarium for the expense and travel time.


Payments for consultations can be offered in cash:
US Dollars or Costa Rican Colones
via Paypal  
Banco de Costa Rica transfer/deposit

Please note that trade in goods and services is an open option!



Please email Sarah with any questions!



To Get Started, please fill out in detail the form below and send to Sarah.
She will be in touch with you to set up a one on one appointment.


Please note that the image of your tongue is very important, do no be ashamed if it looks weird.
Please stick out your tongue without forcing it, please make sure to not have eaten anything prior or brushed it, and take the clearest picture possible.

Also, be very detailed in your descriptions, it is important to paint your picture with full color!


with green blessings….




Name: (required)


Date of Birth:




Marital Status

Primary Concerns and Secondary Concerns:

Hours of Sleep a Night Describe quality of Sleep:

Typical Diet:

Do you exercise and in what capacity?

How many caffeinated beverages do you have a day?

How much water are you drinking each day?

Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

smokeDrink Alcohol

How often do you go to the bathroom? Quality of stool, urine, etc…

Women: please describe your menstrual cycle: duration, flow, PMS, etc…

Have you ever been pregnant?


If yes, how many children do you have and ages?

Have you had any injuries or other physical traumas?

Have you had any emotional traumas?

Family history, please outline all known family health historical events, such as histories of cancer or other illness.

Please Upload a Photo of your tongue. Just stick it out with out straining and do not brush it first. Make sure the image is clear.







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