Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies 
Talamanca, Limón, Costa Rica

85-acre, beachfront,  educational permaculture farm and botanical collection, 
with over 150 identified medicinal plants, over 200 varieties of fruit trees, innumerable native and naturalized plants and fungi. Extensive food forrest and bamboo groves.

Activities include mud bathing, swimming,
temporary tattooing with guyatil fruit,

farm tours and dolphin watching.

Field to the Plate, Jungle Gourmet Cuisine
each meal made from scratch with love!





Autotransportes MEPE, Terminal de Buses de San Carlos, located at Avenida 9 & Calle 12, San Jose

Info on Buses: 2258.0134/2257.8129/2758.1572


Please keep in mind, it is a four-hour bus ride to the Caribbean,
the cost for the bus is about $14.


For those looking for less adventure, Gecko Trail provides an awesome service, they will pick you up at the airport, take you to the bus station and have your pre-purchased bus ticket ready, cost for the service is $45-55 per person.


Boats to/from Manzanillo to Punta Mona are $10 per person,
each way, with at least 5 people on the boat.

We will be sending info about boats as the time approaches, 
Coordinating Trips.


Punta Mona center is about 5 hours away from San Jose, Costa Rica
(airport code SJO).airplane


You can get to Punta Mona from Manzanillo by either hiking 2 hours/8km in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge or by taking one of the pre-coordinated boats. The boat is $10 per person, each way, if you are on one of the boats we organize for this adventure. If by any chance you can not make the organized boats and need to take one separately, it is $50.
If you decide to stay in Gandoca, you can park your car at your homestay’s home or at your hostel and walk 45 minutes – 1 hour on the beach, heading north to us.
If you would like to walk to us and/or are staying off site, please let us know.


Private transfer rates are often cheaper than those of a taxi.  For example, a private transfer from San Jose Airport to Arenal – up to 8 people- is $155 per trip so about $19 each (8 people) to $78 each (2 people) person, from Liberia Airport to Samara is $120, about $15 each (8 people) to $60 each (2 people) person. While a taxi will charge you going from San Jose Airport to Arenal $210 per trip. – See more at:



Shared-ride shuttles provide connections between most major tourist destinations – including to and from the country’s airports.  The country’s main carriers are Grayline, Costa Rica Ride and Interbus. Shared-ride shuttles are faster, more convenient and more luxurious than buses but that comes at a cost. Shared-ride shuttles cost between $45 and $100 per person with discounts for larger groups.


Families, couples and backpackers will find shared-ride shuttles helpful for a quick way to get from A to B, ideal for travelling on a tight schedule.  Shared-ride shuttles have A/C, more leg room than buses do and offer a little more security for your belongings. They are also a good way to meet other travelers headed to the same destination. See more at:




Costa Rica’s public bus system is often toted as the best in Central America with routes that encompass the entire country. It’s a cheap, effective way to get around within and between destinations and is the best choice for backpackers, couples and small groups travelling on a tight budget.

Most inter-city buses have A/C and some put on movies. You can store your luggage underneath the bus or put it in overhead bins. Make sure you get a ticket for your luggage if you put underneath the bus though, that will help prevent it from getting stolen – an infrequent but possible dilemma.

Every city has at least one central bus station while San Jose has multiple, so make sure to find out which bus station your bus leaves from. Once you’re at the station, finding your bus can be challenging. Oftentimes, the signs (which are in Spanish) don’t necessarily match the destination of the bus underneath them. However, most employees and drivers are friendly and will help you find the right bus.
See more at:



There’s a freedom to renting a car unmatched by all the other transportation options and it’s worth considering. The country’s highways are rife with natural beauty and there’s no better way to soak it in than renting a car and cruising with the windows down, stopping to take pictures and settling down at any roadside restaurant you just happen to come across. Car rentals are good for couples and families who want to see a lot of the country and don’t mind driving over the occasional pothole, dealing with aggressive drivers or getting lost on a side road trying to find your hotel.

Rentals cost between $32 and $160 a day.

See more at:




Accommodations at Punta Mona Center are limited and first come first serve, we recommend purchasing your lodging when purchasing your ticket.
Lodging in the houses are Triples and in Glamping Doubles or Singles,
based on availability.





The lodging at Punta Mona Center varies per person for the weekend, 
please check out the Buy a Ticket page for details. 


Camping is only $150 dollars per person for the weekend, you need to bring your own tent, towels and bedding, and will have access to a bathroom and shower area. Meals are included with this price.


Off site accommodations available at as a HOMESTAY with a local family in Gandoca, 45 minutes walk along the beach South of Punta Mona. If you are interested in this option, please let us know so we can connect you to a family for a cultural experience.
There are also bunks available in Gandoca for a very affordable price. We are happy to connect you!







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