Esteban is the creator of the IDEAL Natural Method (Immunostimulating, Detoxifying, Energizing, Adaptogenic and Suffering Free), a methodology designed to optimize health that integrates the best of natural medicine (Healthy Eating, Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Massages, Therapeutic Breaths, Meditation, etc…)
with innovative tools for conscious human development.
He is also the founder of Medicinal Nutrition (Spanish) and A Terra Cura (Portuguese), platforms that promote health and well-being in a natural and environmentally friendly way.
He currently lives in Costa Rica where he works with Preventive Natural Medicine and Health Coaching. He is also a lecturer, writer, mentor to holistic therapists and facilitates lectures, workshops and retreats in several countries teaching people how to care for their health in a simple, effective and natural way.

Doctor trained in Buenos Aires – Argentina (USAL). International Certified Coach graduated in Brasilia – Brazil (IBC).


A smart way to avoid diseases

In this workshop, tools and recipes are taught to put into practice the maxim of the so well known
father of medicine, Hippocrates: “Make your food your medicine and your medicine your food”.

Immunonutrition is the practice of feeding our Immune System to achieve an optimal state of health, balance and integral well-being. This millennial wisdom has been confirmed by scientific studies that observe the positive relationship of diets containing certain natural active principles with immunity and health in general.







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